Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 12

Up and out by 7.30 am. Visited a local credit union that had received coaches a number of years ago, and then visited a tiny, tiny credit union that had sent its women manager to Canada as part of the Women's Mentorship Program.   Then ... literally drove til 10.30 pm to get back to main hotel in Accra where all the Ghana coaches were assembling before heading off to a local debrief, our visit to the High Commission and then the flight to Heathrow.

Was absolutely exhausted from sitting so long.  Drove through some great rural areas at night where the road side stands were lit by candles, flaming torches or the occasional CFL light bulb.  So nice to see the spots of lights near the road and further back.  It was soccer night - Ghana was playing Guinea in the African National championships.  The game ended up tied 1-1.  In every village we passed, every stand with a TV had a crowd of locals gathered around watching the game.  Houses that looked like the most primitive shelters glowed from the light of a TV.  It made me smile. And another reminder that all is not always what it seems.

Passed a number of nearly empty outdoor church services.  Football/soccer beat out the Lord by a long shot, at least for this evening.

Got back to the Paloma hotel and met up with my buddies, who had been drinking for quite a few hours.  Nothing more needs to be said there!  :-)

Am looking forward to my last day in Ghana.  So there will be at least one more post on our adventures here.  Plus ... I will have a few posts on my reflections ... and a summary of my trip to London.


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